colors behind my eyelids

Today I watched the clouds slide south.
In the cloud’s shadow I studied the whisps of smoke coming off each white misty mass.
They seemed determined to meet the ocean and fearless of what would happen to them.
I thought about all the other people who also look at the sky and feel the complexities of the human experience.
And I wondered if my parents ever felt this alive before.
The sun peaks through and the warmth burns the skin on my eyelids and body,
its intensity dialing down, fading out. another cloud.
I think about my future life and the friends I hope to still be in touch with.
And the chaotic orchestration of movement around this planet, momentarily meeting up and sharing our lives. and back to being mostly solitary. shadow and a cold breeze
I think about where I’ve come and who I am.
strong. It feels good to feel strong in all facets of life.
and I think about how good it feels to have someone to be weak to.
I feel the sun rays on my skin and think about how perfect my body is.
I contemplate the colors behind my eyelids.


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