Sichuan Earthquake

I hoard images. Photography has always been so inspiring and I’d like to share some that I’ve found.

The Sichuan Province in China is mostly a mountainous region with the Qinling Mountains in the north and the towering Himalayas in the west – a testament to the powerful seismic forces active in the region. The earthquake in May 2008 was a magnitude 7.9 that created a surface slip displacement of 9 meters!! (Very rarely does the ground travel this much. Just to put things in perspective, the recent earthquake in the Moro Gulf, Mindanao, Philippines in October was magnitude 6.6 and slipped 1.63 meters) One photographer managed to capture the earthquake as it was happening while doing a wedding photoshoot at a Catholic seminary – a hundred year old building, reduced to ruble in less than 10 seconds. Here are a few of those AMAZING photos taken from BBC.





I haven’t been able to track down the photographer whose name is Wang Chang. So if anyone can find him or his website, let me know.


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