Dreamcatcher no.1

Ever since Studio I, I’ve been getting very little sleep.At first, I was having 3 or 4 dreams a night because my body wasn’t used to it. I began writing the dreams down on a stack of index cards that I kept next to my bed and its become quite an interesting ongoing project. Here are a few to start off with:

2/2/2009 I was using my Kashi cereal as laundry detergent, because that’s what it said on the box. Its cleaning power isn’t in the fact that there is soap (because there isn’t), but because of the abrasiveness of the granola clusters. I was pouring it into the laundry machine & also eating it.

3/8/2009 Saddam Hussein was teaching me the trick of sending hidden messages & also how to be found when hiding in the desert.

5/3/2009 (my friend Toren’s dream) “I was at my tuesday midterm and it was at a cathedral and they had a lot of cake which was tasty but I just ate it instead of finishing the test which i had to guess every single answer on.”

i think its so funny how clear Toren’s fears are outlined in his dream: getting fat and getting bad grades haha

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